For the latest Look Book Challenge. This one a little tougher, and while I had good intentions, don't know if I hit it. The challenge: Look at a room in your house... or your overall decorating style and use it for inspiration on your next layout.

How is this my overall decorating style? My walls are the ochre color, I'm known to draw on them (yep, whenever I want!), I collect stars and display them throughout and art is important to me. Does this look like my house? No, not really, but it was inspired by it, so I'll take it.

Great idea for a challenge - made me think and stretch. Always good.

Edited to answer a post:
I used a filter by Alien Skin called SnapArt that does this (as well as a lot of other cool stuff). You have many options to play with to get just the look you want. Photoshop also has a filter called Poster Edges that will get really close to this look, just less options to play with. I have used it in the past for similar looks before I had the SnapArt. Also, if you search for a "Scanner Darkly" effect, you should be able to find some tutorials (I know has one) for the drawing it all yourself method. It's named for the movie "A Scanner Darkly" where the whole movie was done this way. "Posterize" in Photoshop also does it, but it's very limited and the effects are much rougher. Lots of options to try!
Hope this helps!