edited: Forgot to update on my Dad. He should be released this week to an Acute Care Facility where he needs to be spend the next 12 weeks getting IV antibiotics round the clock and physical therapy. What they are thinking happened is this: He had a UTI the beginning of November and he was only given a normal 10 day dose of antibiotic, which didn't take care of it. They said it was not "unheard of" for a UTI to become an infection in the spine (what???). His test results showed that the infection has made its way into the bone. They are not going to biopsy unless the antibiotic treatment shows itself not to be working. So, with the very generous help of friends, mom managed to get the motorhome moved the 80 miles from Mesquite to Las Vegas and set up in a campsite only 15 minutes from the hospital and Care Facility. It's going to be a long winter for them too. They were coming here to help me when I have my hip replacement Jan. 9, but obviously that can't happen now. I just hope that what the doctors do is the correct course of action for my Dad and at the end of the 12 weeks he can get back to enjoying his retirement, as he so deserves.

Just a couple recent pages. Indy turned nine on Friday and as always, its so hard to believe that much time has gone by in the blink of an eye. She wanted an electronic keyboad most of all (a "real" one) and since she is pretty much self-teaching herself to play piano whenever she has access to one, that's what we got her. SO sweet - she taught herself to play "Happy Birthday" as soon as we got it set up and ended up playing it "to herself" before bed time. Love this little chica!