I thought I'd give a little update on my Dad. So many of you put us in your thoughts and I can't tell you how much it means. My Dad is not the best patient and when this happened he turned very negative, saying things like "I'll never leave this hospital". Trying to remind him that attitude is SO IMPORTANT has been all I can do, from 1,000 miles away, and dealing with my own recovery. Having your well wishes to pass on to him is such a gift, so thank you.
He hasn't had surgery yet. What was discovered is he has 2 pockets of Staph infection on his L4 and L5 vertabre. He underwent a test today where they radiated a pint of his blood and then re-injected into him in hope of then doing another MRI and seeing where the now nuclear blood goes...should lead to any other "hotspots" in his body. Hopefully we'll know more tomorrow or the next day.

I am recovering from my back surgery and it feels so slow. I think "I should be up and doing something" and then can barely make it from the couch to the table and have to remind myself its only been a few days. "This too, shall pass..."

I recently found, and fell in love with, the work of Sarah Bowen. When I saw she was hosting a Twelve Days of Christmas class, I signed up post-haste. I've not been in the position to really feel much holiday anything lately, so thought this would help. I saw she posted her first project today and am excited to put my focus on something a little more creative than nausea, heartburn, backache and constipation, LOL.