I saw this on the Simple Scrapbooks site and loved it! Such a great way to kick your butt back into doing a page when you've been a bit, um, empty, lately.

One thing I’d grab if my house were on fire: My camera
One thing I wish I could throw away: My garbage ON TIME and not miss the truck.
One thing I’ll never, ever throw away: My stash
Something I lost and still miss: Nothing I can think of.
Something I’ve kept since childhood: My love of making stuff
A food item I never run out of: Ice cream
A household brand I’m very loyal to: HEINZ baby!
Something I sleep with every night: A heavy blanket of some kind.
One thing that’s on my wish list: A clean house
Something I take with me wherever I go: Chapstick
Something that makes me smile when I see it: A smiling baby
Something my children fight over: Control of the TV and computer
Something I hate to clean: The fish tank
Something I show off when people visit: New stuff on my walls
Something I hide when people visit: The upstairs
Something I’m embarrassed to admit I like: "Deal or No Deal"
Something I collect: Craft books
Something I avoid at all costs: Guests in my house - always too messy
Something that reminds me of my mother: Home-cooked meals
The best gift I’ve ever received: When my husband picked me up from work and had already arranged for a babysitter so we could go straight to a movie.