Mainly posting about this for posterity's sake. I'm sure at some point it will end up in a layout. My day was crazy busy. I had to take the day off from work first because it would be impossible to drive around this much and try and get back to work in between. Basically I needed to act as chaffeur to get to 2 ortho appts, 3 dentist appts, 1 kid to and from school twice, 1 kid to and from school once, 2 kids to and from volleyball and 1 to and from soccer.
8:50 Drive C to Orthodontist, (write scrapsahoy article while in waiting room)
9:45 drop-off C, pickup S & I
10:00 S & I to dentist
11:20 lunch
11:30 S to school
11:40 home to get C
11:50 C to dentist
12:20 C to school
12:30 Grocery run
1:00 home to drop-off groceries
1:30 pickup S
1:50 S to Ortho
2:30 S to volleyball
3:00 C to volleyball
5:00 pick up C
6:00 I to soccer
6:05 pickup S, pickup dinner
7:00 do layout for article
8:00 finish article
9:00 DQ!
9:30 try not to pay attention to "Cry Wolf" (scary movie DJ and S are watching in same room as me)

What's SO nice about this is despite all the running around, Wenatchee is small enough that it was only 32 miles on my car. What's BAD about that is in my car that was about 5 gals. of gas. I get horrible gas mileage, but sadly high-gas prices are still much cheaper than having a car payment.

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