OK, I already forgot I was on a "no buy" spell until I've completed 10 projects. I didn't violate on purpose, I forgot! SO as penance, I've upped my project list to TWENTY. I have to complete 20 projects using existing supplies before I can buy anything (other than adhesive) again. The purse below counts as 1 and these 2 layouts make 2 and 3. I made the previews here small though because if you want to see more you'll have to visit their other homes, my Prima Gallery and the brand spankin' new Prima blog where they will be making their debuts later this week.

On another note, I'm sad to say I had to turn on comment moderation as I was starting to get spam comments. DO spammers seriously think anyone in their right mind is going to think "hmmm, I feel like gambling and/or ordering viagra right this minute and this potentially dangerous link is exactly the one I should recklessly click on to do so...". fidiots!

On the remodeling home front, we have been "taped" and "darby-ed"! Our wall guy (ie: my super father-in-law) has to leave for a week tomorrow, thus quashing my hopes of being done this weekend. Ah well, what's one more week, right?

Happy 1/2 hour from officially being Thursday!

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