Friday night ended up being an "Indy and Mommy" night. Indy wanted McDonalds (so she could play in playland) and I really didn't, so with some quick thinking I told her Red Robin would be much better and tomorrow I would take her to the park. So much better! In the day to day busy-ness of life, I think we forget about places like parks. She slid and swung, we picked bark out of our shoes (it can't all be good), she peekabooed through little windows like this one, I spun her on the tire swing until she was nearly sick (hey, every kid has to do this once), she noticed how many other kids wore the same Target clothes as her and she rode a stack of tires strung on rope a la the mechanical bull. We stayed until the rains came (LOL, going for effect here). SO much better than if we'd gone to McDonalds.

I LOVE 3-day weekends! Enjoy yours!
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