Practice, practice, practice. Am happy to report I haven't shot a single shot on "auto" in almost 2 weeks. And I am loving what I'm seeing. Loving that I am THINKING my way through each shot, learning, commiting to memory the process, so it will be second nature. This is what I want, my goal for 2006. (Well, that and to lose 50 lbs, LOL, but photography is SO much more fun than diet and exercise!)

Notice no pic of Carsey. That's because she was in quite the foul 13-year-old mood tonight and refused to let me practice on her. I will get her later :)

Two comments that coincidently both have to do with Memory Makers magazine. Good first. This quote from pg. 54, "Renowned portrait photographer Louis Fabian Bachrach said, 'I do not believe that the average person wants a 'map' of his face--I believe he wants to be idealized.'" I think this is true and what I was trying to say a few posts earlier, though his quote is much more eloquent, LOL.

Now the bad. MM appears to have decided to enforce (or change?) a rule in the MM Masters competition that means ANYONE on a manufacturer's DT who has signed a contract of ANY kind (even confidentialty-only and even if you do NOT get paid) can NOT enter the competition. This makes no sense to me. They are excluding what I am assuming is a huge number of entrants and thus a huge creative talent pool. The way I understand it, the rule has always existed, but only applied to actual (on the payroll) employees of F & W or the contest sponsors. To disclude the group of people who take this industry seriously enough to commit to a DT is unfair and negatively impacts the creativity of the industry AS A WHOLE. I look to the Masters (and HoFers) as inspiration and it would be ridiculous to eliminate one of the main sources of quality artists.
OK, off my soapbox. Anyone else have an opinion on this? Or anything else? LOL
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