We've been having this nice, mild spring and then WHAM, 93 degrees today. A/C mandatory to sleep, house was 80 when I got home. Going to buy 2 more A/C units for the kids' rooms tomorrow night. Don't like being outside, too hot. I am used to this in August, not in May. Which means our "normal" 2 week span of 105'ish in late August might be a 2 MONTH span. UGH.

At right is Carsey, enjoying the first of what I'm sure will be many popsicles this summer. Been having a ball with my camera (and new-found confidence) and having a little time to play in Photoshop. Am discovering I am a big fan of this super-saturated color. Looks so much more like what my memory recalls when I think of the past. Do you recall the insiginificant stuff, or does your mind swell with colors and emotions? Me, 10 years from now, I will recall how bright green that popsicle seemed, how blue her eyes were (they really are blue), how perfect the moment. Lovin' that I can make pics that will recall the essence of this for me. photography is truly an art. SO inspired by all those I see around me, practicing everyday, that which they LOVE.

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