Here is my super stylish friend and her super adorable baby daughter. On the eve of my middle baby turning 13, I am missing being the center. Center of someone's entire world. Center of being someone's reason for being. Yes, I matter, I know I do, but right now, with Shade at 15 and Carsey now almost 13, I am more on the fringe of their lives then smack dab in the middle. Right now I am more like a key in a lock, only necessary in order to open a door to something ELSE (permission for something, ride somewhere, food or drink, shopping money.)

Have been discussing the passage of time and daughters with a newly found, like-minded friend (*wink, t) and I think we both agree, we don't like it one BIT. So, my reminder to you, my friends with young, young kids (and I am still one of them as Indy is only 7) hang on to each and every second. Savor them like spring rain and sweet tea and ice cream on a hot summer day. They are too fleeting, these moments in the center.