I am SO happy with my time this morning. Where I work there is a huge auditorium that we can reserve, free of charge whenever it's available. I reserved it for 4 4-hour blocks for all my craft-lovin' friends to have a palce to go where everyone can have their own big table, chair and garbage can. No kids, just lots of room to spread out all your stuff. I envisioned scrapbookers and knitters and quilters and beaders are showing up, the hum of conversation and visual inspiration serving us all. What REALLY happened was one person showed up, besides me, (THANK YOU Lyndsey)! OK, so off to a rocky start, but, I was really OK with it because look what I made! (Sorry for the glare on the pic.) From the super-talented Teresa McFayden who sells wonderful project kits at Paper Bella, came the kit. I bought the frame, sort of followed her directions (which were fantastic, but I always like to put my own touch on things), and this beauty was the result. THANK YOU TERESA McFAYDEN! you rock for so generously sharing your talent, wisdom and inspiration! Can't wait for next month's! [ t ]