Attention: "Woe is me" post ahead.
DJ is out of town for the next 9 days, which always makes life a lot more hectic and complicated, as any single parent can attest (they have my utmost respect, I don't know how they do it!) But to add to this, I woke up Saturday morning with a case of Sciatica that has rapidly progressed so I have no feeling (other than the sparkly tingly feeling of your foot being asleep) in my right leg from the knee down. Also the pain in the lower back and hip that you normally feel with a pinched nerve. So that is one bad thing that, frankly, has me feeling panicky. I had it once before, about 5 years ago, and was finally only relieved by acupuncture. The soonest I can get into the acupuncturist is a week from now.

The second bad thing, the one that is really in my head right now, is tonight I found a mole on my left thigh that is really bothersome for several reasons (all on the "if you have this, get it checked immediately" list): 1) sudden appearance - I've never seen it before tonight 2) color - it's pitch black 3) borders - irregular 4) texture - it's slightly raised and scratchy. All of these raise a big ole red flag in my head so tomorrow I will be getting in somewhere, anywhere, to have it looked at. I will let you know the outcome (please let it be nothing!)