I'm on a list kick. I think they are cool for journaling prompts, helpful to remember the things you didn't even know you forgot, KWIM?
Today's list is 10 places I have lived, in order:
1. Oakland, CA
2. Boise, ID
3. Ammon, ID (#3 and 4 might be in the wrong order, I can't remember)
4. Iona, ID
5. Anaheim, CA
6. Colorado Springs, CO
7. Aurora, CO
8. Boulder, CO
9. Mountain Home, ID
10. Boise, ID
11. Mountain Home, ID
12. Seattle, WA
13. Ketchum, ID
14. Seattle, WA
15. East Wenatchee, WA
16. Wenatchee, WA

OK, that's more than 10 but I thought I might as well bring it up to date. The cool thing about this is each of those entries has its own whole set of memories and things to think about. love that.

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