Read a quirky, lovely post here, that gave me a little giggle and made me spend a few minutes thinking about the weird little things that really make me just feel good. Cheap thrills I guess you could say.

  • love the feeling I get at the airport that all i have to do is step through the door onto the ramp at any of those thousands of gates and in a few hours i could be de-planing at some exotic location. step HERE and I get off in tahiti, HERE and i could be in las vegas, HERE and i go to's like magic, all those doorways all leading to their own destination.
  • the smell and feel of a big batch of white cottons, like t-shirts and socks, coming out of the dryer. the smell so good, feel so good, warm me up to my soul. note this is the only laundry type situation i like!
  • getting an unexpected check in the mail. this isn't so much about money for me, but about the promise of unaccounted for cash that has a million options: take my girls out for ice cream, have pizza on a friday night with my family, go crazy in the yarn store, rifle through the paper stacks at my LSS, download groovy tracks for my ipod. i think what i like about it is the possibilities.
  • being a secret witness to some kind deed, or word, from one of my children to someone else, or one of their sisters. makes me feel like they're going to turn out ok in the end.
  • the crack open of a fresh can of pop and the first fizzy, burn-y sting-y gulp. Coke is a lifetime fave, but i like them all pretty much. now it's Coke zero. awesome taste, if you don't like "diet", try zero, i think you'll be pleasently surprised (Pepsi One is also good.)
  • and always, ice cream with my daughters. sitting outside at the rickety, sticky tables at our local baskin & robbins. i relish the weird, goofy conversations that come from this time when no one is expecting anything from anyone except that we all eat our ice cream.

what makes you happy? [ t ]

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