saw this dare issued by amber and carried forward by ali. so ok, i took on this dare because it did what all dares should do: make you uncomfortable. squirm and think "oh no, not me." and i'm glad i did. because i am not a sexy girl. i used to feel sexy, when i was 20 and smaller and had big boobs unaffected by gravity and arrogance unaffected by maturity. but it has been a hell of a long time since i have put me + sexy in the same thought. do a whole layout about sexy? are you kidding? "oh no, not me." do it any way. if, like me, you feel silly, and alt + tab to switch the screen to something else everytime someone walked by, then you HAVE to do it. it's not a dare at this point, its a neccesity. because you, too, ARE SEXY, and you deserve to remember it. i think you'll discover it doesn't have much to do with looks.
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