warning: proud mom moment ahead. Shade went to volleyball camp this week, in preparation for high school Vball starting at the end of the summer. She worked out and practiced and sweated - a LOT - and never complained. Saturday a.m., they (her and some friends from the week were all spending the night together) got a call from one of the HS coaches saying a tourney that was going on that day (coincidentally) had a team drop out at the last minute and if they could get to the HS in 30 mins, they could take the spot. This is the same tourney that turned them down earlier in the week because they were too young to compete at that level (which consisted of HS varsity team girls.) So they got a spot, went, played hard despite the fact they had only played together this week at camp, and, against much more experienced players...you guessed it - they WON. WON. wonwonwonwonwonwwwwwoonnn. can't even begin to tell you how proud i am of them. no, they didn't win the most games, but as it was a bracketed competition, they won when it counted. and that boys and girls, is my lesson to you for the day. in life, you will benefit most if you WIN WHEN IT COUNTS. get it? got it? good!
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