It happens all the time. The little voice in my head, criticizing, admonishing, berating... Some say "the grass is always greener...", which, sometimes, is true. But part of being happy, and accepting others, is to first accept yourself. Accepting the things you know to be true and, like it or not, moving on. This is where I am today. Working on accepting me, how I am, who I am, today. The me that, even in the midst of summer, is thinking about Fall. And in Fall, worrying about Winter, Winter about Spring, Spring to Summer, you get it. The passage of time, of which I have no control. I need to remember to accept this fact, let it go and move on. Take a minute and think about something that bothers you. Maybe even keeps you up at night. Give yourself as much time as needed to really mull it over, both good thoughts and bad, explore it. And then let it go. See - you're taller now without that on your shoulders.
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