two things grossed me out today. well, one gross and one odd enough. Odd is usually good in my book, so I'll start there. latest issue of STEP magazine (graphic design) lists downright weird museums. museums of toilets (i'm not kidding), museums of toilet paper (no relation to the toilet museum) and a museum of human hair. yes, (slowly) a museum of human hair boasting more than 2,500 artifacts made of hair. what this really did was make me feel OK about the growing collections of stuff that is seeming to grow in my studio/space. I can't seem to throw much away because when I look at it, I don't see what it is, but what it can be. you know what they say: one man's trash...

gross is the man who makes (i'm so sorry to even say this) vomit paintings. yes, you read right. he ingests food coloring, vomits it back up, ON COMMAND, onto canvases. smears it around with his hands and voila: there is "art". OK, unfair of me to put "art" in "quotes", but really, is he serious or is he making a statement about ART? the absolute worst part of this bizarre item is that I saw it on TV. meaning, his fire is being fueled to continue. hmmm, lemme' see, poverty, crime, injustice, all needing IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, or, no, wait, I know, lets put the vomit painting man on TV!
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