I think I lost, as in gone to digital hell, the 5 layouts that I submitted to MM for last years Masters competition. The one that I was a finalist for. If they should ever ask for them, they are gone. poof. 4 were totally digital, 1 was hybrid (hybrid=digital + paper), never to be recreated even IF i wanted to. I see the little line of 5 folders staring me in the face. When I hover over them, they, each in turn, pop up my previous friend known as the yellow tool tip. The "tip" this time though is sinister "Folder is Empty". My OTHER friend "Search" is no f**** help either. I am sick. This has never happened before. This despite TRIPLE redundancy. Obviously I lost them somehow on PC 1, which, when synced with backup LaCie HD, removed them, so when I synced LaCie to PC 2 (home) it removed from there too. I suspect this because the last access time on said 5 folders is 4/15 at 5:23 pm and I leave work at 5:00. I got home, plugged in LaCie, like ALWAYS, synced (I know this isn't spelled right, don't care, too mad) and that is where all went ary (I know, wrong too). I know there are bigger, badder things in the world than the loss of 5 files that really are just an assemblage of pixels, but obviously since I submitted them to a masters comp, I regarded them as some of my very best. I wish I could spell the unintelligible rushing sound that is coursing through my head.

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