fake ordering is when you're buying something and it's all in your shopping cart but...you...can't...commit...to...pushing...submit. several things can cause this, most commonly PRICE. also, in my case it involves the following subtle subterfuge: tell dj "I ordered my camera today (I hadn't really)", to gauge his reaction. I can always say "just kidding" if he freaks. he wasn't super happy and didn't quite believe me, but I kept saying "yes, i did" to his "you didn't really..." Woke up the next morning and thought "that was easy" lol, so I ordered it for real. Only problem is the aparently less than reputable place I ordered from then tried to scam me into paying an extra $300 because apparently the model listed on their website was the japanese version (even though it doesn't say that) and to get the "american english model" is extra. Needless to say, I canceled the order. scum. and by scum, I mean, never, ever, EVER order from http://www.amphotoworld.com. My little public service announcement for the day. So now I get to try and REAL buy my camera again. (A Nikon D70 digital SLR, BTW, which I am ecstatic about getting) Boy will you see some fan-damn-tastic photos once I get it. Except of course I CAN"T UPLOAD THEM STILL. lol, help me please :)