specifically for these recent ones:

  • for yesterday, when we ALL slept in, ALL went out to lunch, ALL went to see Narnia, dropped the girls off for their first solo Christmas shopping for mom and dad experience, went to friends for poker and MUCH laughter. Was one of those days that I think will stay with me for a long time. close to perfect.
  • For the movie, Narnia, itself, which was so magical that I was crying within 30 seconds of the movie starting. Was just so good that it made me emotional. magical is all I can say.
  • For running into my daughter's friend, Katie, while we were leaving Narnia, and seeing her mom give my daughter a hug when she saw that Carsey was weepy from the movie. Made me feel so good that someone other than family has affection for my daughter. Reminded me there are good people and caring in the world.
  • For not stressing about Christmas. I left at Noon today and was home by 3:30. In that time I started and finished my holiday shopping.
  • For Ciro's, our favorite pizza place, from which I am going to buy dinner tonight. And will hear the "Yea"s and "Hoorays" from the whole family.
  • For the Presto Heat Dish from Costco that I bought and aimed at me so I no longer freeze as I sit here, in my 95 year old house that for some reason is warm enough EXCEPT for where I craft.
  • For my 2000 Ford Explorer which I just paid off in November and still runs and looks brand new. No more car payment!! Hooray!
  • And lastly, for Jenni Bowlin, whose own "Thankful" post reminded me to take a few minutes and reflect on some of the little, but equally important, things of the season.

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