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Mixed fabric scarf [Wenatchee photography + design]

So, I've been seeing "Infinity scarves" all over Pinterest and they reminded me of my "6 minute fleece cowl" from back in November (5 mediums, 6 ways = 30 projects.) The only difference being, they were longer because they were made from several fabrics joined together first to make mixed panels. "Hey," I thought, "I have several fabrics," and "I always need more scarves!" I grabbed 5 fat-quarters and what looked like a former pair of pajama bottoms (which I trimmed to fat-quarter size.) Joined them first along their short ends in groups of 3 fabrics each. Then followed the rest of the steps here. Then had little #3 try and take flattering photos of me in the scarf. Which is where the project really went down hill...anyway...

I love the mix of fabrics and the variety you get with bringing the different fabrics forward. Now I want to make one with really sheer, bright fabrics for Spring.

...until next time, tkd