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Three random things right now [Wenatchee photography + design]

The fan, set to medium, is whirring to my right. It’s my constant desk companion, never going off, even in the winter, but often being demoted to low or cranked really high after a workout. It cools me down but blows my hair into my eyes while I try to work, equal pats refreshing and annoying. If I do turn it off, the silence is audible.

I have a stack of fresh yellow sticky notes on my desk. Their cherry color makes me want to write notes. Like witty one-liners left on a friend’s desk, a birthday gift scavenger hunt, “Hey Janelle, I hid your birthday gift in the cafeteria, you’ll have to go find it” and scrawled phone numbers and cryptic notes I won’t be able to read later, but am also unable to throw away. Someday I might need that number I can’t even read!

The smell of onions from my own breath is so strong it’s overpowering the 2 pieces of extra minty gum I’m chewing to try and hide it. I had camerones appretalados at El Agave for lunch today. Bacon wrapped prawns over a bed of grilled onions (the offender!) and peppers. I mostly eat them like that, eschewing all grains, but I did have one small corn tortilla stuffed full before coming to my senses and finishing the rest off with a fork. We were celebrating the last day of 7th grade with my youngest daughter. The long, easy summer spreading before her in that wavey line rising from the hot pavement kind of way. All freedom-ey and sleep-in-ey. I remember that feeling. I miss it. Adults need summer breaks too.

What's grabbling your attention right now?


And because I like to include photos, this is a recent favorite, me trailing behind my husband as we hiked up above Beehive reservoir, presumably at the top of the world, based on what this looks like.