I'm not one for making resolutions. I think when the moment arises that you sense an urgency to better yourself, you should jump at the opportunity, be it the start if a new year, 3:29 in the afternoon or any ordinary Tuesday. But I can admit to loving the blank canvas that is January 1st. I use it more as a starting point, a measuring stick that lets me see how far I go. Last year my "goal" was to do pull-up, learn all the lyrics to Salt 'n Peppa's "Push It" and to spend time each day studying Spanish. I actively studied Spanish until my husband got sick and nursing him back to health became my number one goal. I will most likely pick it up again sometime this year, despite realizing that French is really much easier for me (because of taking it 7 years in school). Maybe I'd go that direction if I lived closer to Quebec, but In Wenatchee, Spanish is the most useful. I never did a pull-up (I didn't even try) but I did learn the lyrics to the song, and rap it quite happily in the privacy of my car, but you won't see me at karaoke night anytime soon. I may know the lyrics, but I still can't carry a tune. A few other goals I intend to continue are to "Make Something Cool Everyday" (art/craft), leave positive messages for people to find (guerilla art), move my body, on purpose, in the guise of exercise, and try, t-r-y, to drink some water. I say 'some' because I am not a drinker of much of anything, let alone water. And I know that leaves me room for improvement.

Whether you make resolutions or not, the beginning of a new year holds the promise of possibility. And that is where the magic lies. Maybe enough magic to do a pull-up.