Carsey, I still remember the night you came into the world. You were 9 days late, not surprising to know now, because you can be late with the best of them. As soon as we parked, your Dad realized he'd forgotten the camera and insisted he could go home to get it and be back before much of anything happened. I wasn't so sure, knowing you couldn't get ANYWHERE fast in Tacoma. So I checked-in and he headed home. Despite taking your own sweet time to get the ball rolling, you had no problem deciding that when you say now, you mean NOW. I was getting desperate because your Dad hadn't shown up and it was time to push. Then he walked in and you came out like from a slingshot. The doctor almost dropped you! Not one minute before I had been thankful for her "little hands" (someday, you'll understand why) and then I was wishing for big, steady, sticky football-catching-while-running-on-the-ice-hands. But she managed to hang on, or you did, and after a cleanup you were handed to me. Flash forward 18 years and you are getting ready to graduate from high school. You have worked so hard this year, realizing past mistakes are not roadblocks but detours, and that you can always find a way through with a little hard work. I'm proud of you. Proud for you setting your mind to something and then going for it. In the end, that's really what matters. Love you Bug!