S & C always spend the majority of the summer with their dad. While I realize and value the importance of that relationship, I miss them when they're gone. Carsey text messages me dozens of times a day. Shorthand-style quips in an abbreviated style that this generation has come up with to communicate.
"hi mom how ru?"
"how much u love me?" (this is how they start all requests when they want something."
"plz mom!"
"k, cu l8r"
And many more I now recognize but couldn't regurgitate if quizzed.
But then like a mom should do, I start to notice the timestamp...10:27...10:48...11:17..
11:17?? Why are you up so late? I wasn't even up that late, so saw this message in the morning - but it will stay with me forever: "nite mommy." Ahhh, I'm still her mommy.
Nite sweetie, I love you.

(technical info on this layout since some of you have asked: I printed the photo at 8 x 10 on a sheet of avery address labels. Then I peeled them off and reassembled them sort of haphazardly on my cardstock.) Posted by Picasa